September 2012 archive

The Cardinal

A lot of things have changed in my life over the past couple of years.  I’ve made changes to myself physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually.  I made it a point to grow in a positive direction in all these aspects of my life and although it has been a daily process, I feel like I’m making tremendous progress.

One area I feel that is open for huge growth is my spiritual side.  I believe that the universe is conspiring in my favor as I have opened my heart to guidance.  Through the power of visualization and meditation, I am seeing how this truly works when I put in the day to day effort of making positive changes in my life.


My ‘Aha’ Moment

The thing I love about coaching more than anything is that it is a continual learning process.  Whether you’re a strong leader or someone just getting started on a health and fitness journey, there are always valuable lessons to learn from anyone.

I make many awesome connections with people through the power of social media.  When used correctly, this can be such an amazing tool.  About a year ago, I posted a 30-day transformation video of my Asylum Journey and posted it to my YouTube page.  I had several people contact me about it, but one person in particular stands out.  He was so inspired and enthusiastic.  He had so many questions.  He wanted to be healthy and he needed my support.