January 2013 archive

Working Out While Sick

Working out while sick is not fun.  I can cheat on a meal.  But I cannot cheat quality sleep.  I can tell myself the lie that I can function on limited sleep, but my body always sees right through my false perceptions.

I am very healthy.  I rarely get sick.  I contribute this to a positive and healthy mind, body and spirit, daily exercise and great nutrition.  Where your focus goes, your energy flows.  But about once a year, I get this gentle reminder that working out harder and pushing myself on limited sleep isn’t always best.


Beachbody Success Club Cruise

I used to dream a lot.  I wanted to go on extravagant trips, spend time with family, hike in beautiful places and walk on white sandy beaches.  But I never went.  I never saved enough money.  I never planned.  I never wrote down my goals.  I just dreamt… a lot.

Then Beachbody Coaching entered my life about two years ago and my life has never been the same.  I realized that the dream or desire inside of us becomes incredibly powerful when we turn the dream to a  goal, then create an action plan to make it happen.


Beachbody Challenge

Do you start the year with great intentions and you hit an obstacle and before you know it, you’re back to your old routine and stuck in the same spot you told yourself you would not be.  Do you want to FINALLY have results that last?  Are you ready to feel amazing?  Do you want to reach a level of success you never thought imaginable.  Then don’t hesitate.  Make the commitment today.  It’s time to join my Beachbody Challenge group!

What is a Challenge Group?

I have found that so many people truly want to get results.  Most people even get motivated at some point to start a new program, but too often the missing ingredient is accountability.  Without an incentive or someone holding you accountable to your workouts, the motivation fades, excuses take over and before you know it, you’re back to your same old routine “of out of shapeness”!