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It’s Just Not the Right Time

Motivation Rhonda - timingIt’s Just Not the Right Time

It’s getting close to the end of the year.  You know what that means.  Times are busy.  There is no time to start anything new.

There is no time to workout.  It’s the holiday season and there are things that need to get done.

This is not the time to start focusing on eating clean.  There is too much food temptation around everywhere.

It’s certainly not the time to begin a new fitness routine.  This is the time of year that gaining a little extra weight is perfectly acceptable and expected.


Insanity, Asylum or T25?

MR and Shaun T

The Three faces of Shaun T.  How do you choose who you want to join each morning for the next couple of months?  As a graduate of each of the programs, I recommend doing each program at least once.  They are all effective in getting you the results you desire whether you are limited in time to workout or are an athlete in training.