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I’m a woman phenomally

phenomenal woman

I’m a woman phenomenally.  Phenomenal woman, that’s me.

That’s a line from one of my very favorite Maya Angelou poems.  So bold.  So courageous.  So true.  If I love it so much why do I struggle with my very own phenomenal(ness)?  Why have I placed so many limiting beliefs on myself?  If I am truly phenomenal, then I shouldn’t have any doubts about who I am or the life I’m creating,



Enjoy the Journey

the journeyEnjoy the journey.  Trust the process. Keep calm and carry on.

We see it.  We get it.  We read it.  We write it.  But do we LIVE it?

If we are progressing.  We are growing.  We are being challenged.  We are feeling discomfort.

We want progress quickly and efficiently with relatively no pitfalls along the way.

We would prefer the road to ‘success’ to be a straight A to B line.


Is Cheating Okay?

Cheat MealsIs Cheating Okay? It seems like an easy question to answer when you ask it that way.  Right?  Then why do we make “cheat meals” acceptable?  If cheating is wrong, then so should cheat meals.  Right?

Not really.

I’m perfectly okay with adding so-called “cheat meals” into our lives, however, I’m not really cool with the term “cheat”.  It makes it seem like it’s something that’s scandalous, naughty or shameful.