October 2015 archive


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I’m going to share something with you that I’ve thought about for a while. I don’t share it to brag or boast or compare. It’s not a story about money. It’s a story about freedom. It’s a story about a girl who dared to believe she deserved to live a life she wanted to live.

I didn’t quit my job four years ago because I was making a lot of money. I quit my job because I believed in the words my mentor taught me. She told me to be faithful with the little things before I can ever expect more. She taught me about having an attitude of gratitude.


Be a Giver


It’s been nearly three months since J and I had our epic adventure in New York and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling so nostalgic this morning. I miss it and I miss the awesome time we got to have together.

But my project I started this week has been the absolute best thing for me. When you feel down or a little sad, the best thing to do to to go out and do something for someone. Since I opened my heart to being very intentional about writing cards daily, endless opportunities are coming my way to enrich someone’s life.