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How Did I Get Here?

how did i get hereHow did I get here?

Life is like one big road trip, with twists and turns, detours, breaks, life in the fast lane, slow lane, traffic jams, lonely rides, arriving at destinations and then the next.

Often, we can either get way too focused on the destination or we completely forget that we are in the driver’s seat, getting extremely off course or arriving at a place one day and coming to the realization that we have NO IDEA how we even got there.

As a 40-something mom, I see this every day.  Women my age being either so focused on giving directions to others in our life that we forget about following directions in our own lives or not feeling we are worthy enough for follow our own map.  We think for some crazy reason that taking the driver’s seat to our life is in some sort of twisted, odd way, a selfish act.

How did I get here?


Am I Old-Fashioned?

2014 - Ced Rhonda
I often think how our lives would be different if my husband and I started dating in 2016 vs. 1998.  I’m glad we dated then…when things seemed a little less complicated.

But please understand.  I’m not old-fashioned.

I’m not old-fashioned.  I totally stalked him before we ever spoke… high atop the staircase of the nightclub we first met.

I’m not old-fashioned.  I swiped to the right when I was interested…and then he reached his hand to grab mine after we flirted from across the room.

I’m not old-fashioned.  I changed my status after our first date…when I declared loudly to all my co-workers…”I JUST MET MY FUTURE HUSBAND!”