21 Day Fix Extreme


03252014_autumn_photo_opp_263 (2)The 21-Day Fix was a game changer for so many people.  Finally a program that places as much focus on nutrition as it does on the workouts.  Using a portion-control container system, this program helped bring the basics back to nutrition and the results were incredible.

But now, we’re taking it to the next level with 21-Day Fix Extreme!

What’s the difference from the original 21-Day Fix to Extreme?

  1. Level of Intensity – both in Nutrition and Fitness
  2. Advanced Program – not necessarily for beginners

21 fix extreme beachNutrition

No more cheats like you had in 21-Day Fix.  Wah wah…say good-bye to the chocolate and wine.  It’s just 21 Days so you’ll survive.

Two different programs to follow:  You’ll have a calendar showing different versions of nutrition plans and how to apply the following plans:

  • Extreme Eating Plan
  • Countdown to Competition

Certain foods have been added to the hierarchy food list while others have been eliminated (sorry pancake lovers).

Complete recipes included in nutrition guide!!


You will still have a modifier however she will be modifying at a higher intensity.

Weights are incorporated into almost all workouts including resistance bands used in Pilates.

Workouts are six days per week, 30 minutes each.

Who can do this?

This is a Results Driven program.  It’s not necessarily for someone who has a lot of weight to lose, but more for the person ready to get shredded or take their fitness to the next level.

Anyone who has a baseline of fitness can do this.  If you’ve completed a program like T25, Insanity, P90X or even the original 21-Day Fix, you CAN do this.

Want to be a part of my next challenge or be alerted of release.  Yes, Please!

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