Hi! I’m Rhonda, aka Motivation Rhonda. My hope is to get to know you better!

I am an empowerment coach with a passion for health and fitness. I love helping others realize their true potential in life.

I’m a lover of dark chocolate, wine, cruciferous crunch and power jumps and push-ups!

I have a really amazing husband, Cedric. He’s a selfless man and dedicated father. Together we have two fantastic boys with dynamic and contrasting personalities who always keep me on my toes. Keelan is our peaceful and compassionate soul. Jackson is our actor and comedian who always keeps us laughing. My boys are my love and they are what motivate me to work hard each day and to be a better person.

I absolutely love what I do and I LOVE the freedom it’s provided for my family. We get to create amazing experiences together because I followed my heart and let go of my fears and decided that playing it safe was no longer in my cards. Dream Big. Go Big and Live the Life That I Love are my mottos I live and breathe today.

Influencer, Motivator, Warrior, Empowerment Coach. I know that in order to design the life you love, you have to make it happen rather than let life happen to you.

My secret for success? There is no grandiose thing. Success is the sum of the little things you do added up over time that make a HUGE difference. Success is being grateful for wherever you are in life, whether that is a good place or a not so great place. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be to either learn or teach.

Success to me is freedom. True freedom is being able to do the thing that allows you to be authentically you.

I’m very grateful for my life and I’m very grateful for the path, the mentors and the personal development that led me  to become Motivation Rhonda. Without struggle, there is no success. Embrace your struggles now. They are your greatest opportunities for growth. Learn, grow and always, always be grateful!

So that’s my goal for you. To help you realize the potential you have. You really do. It’s my job to help you find that inside of yourself, to empower you to live the life you deserve and to help you understand that you are worthy of it all!

My Beachbody Story