Be a Giver


It’s been nearly three months since J and I had our epic adventure in New York and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling so nostalgic this morning. I miss it and I miss the awesome time we got to have together.

But my project I started this week has been the absolute best thing for me. When you feel down or a little sad, the best thing to do to to go out and do something for someone. Since I opened my heart to being very intentional about writing cards daily, endless opportunities are coming my way to enrich someone’s life.

Do you ever think you should do something, and it sounds great, but then you just never do it?

Make that your challenge today. Enrich a person’s life. Make them feel so special that they have a story to share with their friends today. Write a note, buy a stranger’s lunch. Be intentional with zero expectations.

A little boy and his mom had the adventure of the summer because our life has been enriched by so many people…so now it’s our turn to give others an epic story to tell.

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