Be Courageous

I was looking for some inspiration today on being courageous and in my search I came upon some notes I had written.  It was two pages of valuable nuggets.  I remember taking these notes, but after years and years of studying and focusing daily on personal growth and development, I don’t always remember when or why or what I was reading, but whatever the source, these are the EXACT notes I needed to reread tonight.

The following notes may be jumbled a bit, but the scribbles that stick out to me the most is knowing when to make a courageous move.  If we are uncertain, we simply don’t know if something is right, but if we are afraid, we just need courage to move.

Courage is simply acting on a decision rather than choosing to be stuck in doubt, uncertainty, complacency and fear.  Once we make a courageous action, we gain the confidence we need to keep moving.

Is there anything in your life that feels off right now?  It’s time to find that passion again.  What energizes you?  Passion is not moments, it is about MOMENTUM.  We have to keep moving.  Pay attention to the things that give you energy and do more of that.  Likewise, pay attention to the things, relationships, and obligations that leave you energy depleted.  Have courage to walk away from them.

Life may have handed you handed you heartache.  THIS is your source of power.  Use it as your fuel to make your next courageous move.


Forgive yourself for being so stressed. Forgive yourself for being stuck. You don’t have to stay there.  Doubt is a choice.

When you feel thirsty – you need water.
When you feel hungry – you need to eat.
When you don’t feel energized – you need to grow.

When you hear that voice – you need to be courageous.


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