Being a Mom is Enough for Me

NYC ToftheRockIf I never accomplish another thing in my life, I know one thing for sure.  Being a mom is enough for me.

This week I’ve had the pleasure of being with my son in New York City as he attends a 5-day theatre camp.  Even though he’s growing up fast, he still loves to be with me, hang out with me and occasionally still hold my hand if he’s a bit unsure of his surroundings.

Every night after a long day of dancing, singing, acting, and making new friends, I thought he would be exhausted.  But rather, we have spent each evening speaking in Hamilton lyrics, having rap battles, watching Seinfeld to see if we recognize any familiar neighborhoods and of course trying our best to stay awake for Jimmy Fallon because well…we were just in THE building he records his show.

For the past five years, I’ve devoted so much time into my business.  Building from ground zero meant making lots of sacrifices. The biggest sacrifice…time.  I haven’t always been present, often time devoting more time to growing my business and frequently falling short on my priorities to my family.  I said they were number one, but I question if my actions truly reflected that some days.

But this year is different.  My focus is different.  Being a mom is most important. My family truly is my priority.  Being a mom is enough.  Just because I can work from anywhere, doesn’t mean I have to work from anywhere or all the time.

The past has been about goals, climbing the success ladder, accomplishing one thing and then on to the next.  But it never seemed like it was enough.

So as we sit together and say a prayer that we win tickets to Hamilton on our last evening in the City, these moments together are enough.  I recognize that this time is precious.  I will never have another opportunity to recreate memories.  So we’re making them now.

“Just let me stay here by your side,
That would be enough.”

Being a mom is not a job.  It’s who I am.  And that is enough for us.

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