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Running and Insanity

Does Insanity make you a better runner?  How can I incorporate running and Insanity into my fitness schedule?  These are two questions I get quite often and I can assure you that you will become a better runner by incorporating Insanity into your running schedule and I have a system that has worked well for me.

The first question you must ask yourself is: What is your running goal right now?  Are you training to run a marathon?  Do you want to be a faster runner?  Are you running to stay in shape?  These answers are important to creating your Insanity / Running hybrid schedule.

When I was training for a marathon, running was the focus of my schedule and I used Insanity as cross-training a couple days a week.  In the running off-season, I merely flip this schedule.  Insanity is my focus six days a week and I run a couple days a week just to maintain a solid running base of about five miles per run.

Insanity and Running Hybrid Schedule

Insanity and Running hybrid

I cannot stress how important it is to incorporate some type of cross-training into your running schedule.  It will not keep your routine new and fresh, it will help you stay injury free, build a strong core and become an overall better and faster runner!  Who doesn’t want that?

Prior to May 2010, I ran a lot but never really lost any weight and was not able to get any faster.  I was an average runner with average goals.  Since incorporating Insanity and numerous other Beachbody workout programs into my regular workout schedule, I took 16 minutes off my previous marathon PR and qualified for The Boston Marathon.  I’ve become leaner, faster and much more efficient.

Proper Nutrition

The Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide has helped me get my diet under control and provided my body the necessary fuel for better and more effective runs.  This detailed, yet simplified nutrition plan, which includes having Shakeology daily, has been the key and essential component of making this hybrid work.  Becoming a faster and better runner is not just about running more.  It’s about proper nutrition, effective cross-training and creating a powerful mix to have a successful running season.

Incorporating Insanity with Running

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