Is Cheating Okay?

Cheat MealsIs Cheating Okay? It seems like an easy question to answer when you ask it that way.  Right?  Then why do we make “cheat meals” acceptable?  If cheating is wrong, then so should cheat meals.  Right?

Not really.

I’m perfectly okay with adding so-called “cheat meals” into our lives, however, I’m not really cool with the term “cheat”.  It makes it seem like it’s something that’s scandalous, naughty or shameful.


We shouldn’t feel shamed for wanting to eat a piece of cake or a burger every once in a while.

Therefore I declare that we officially rid ourselves of this terminology.

I propose Happy Meals, Celebration meals….nah.  How about…

Treat Meals!!!

Doesn’t that make more sense?  You get a treat.  Not like a “good dog” treat, but an “atta girl, you just ran a half marathon, go eat a plate of fries without guilt or shame” or “you totally rocked your workouts this week, some crispy bacon on your salad is okay this time.”

I don’t think we should EVER feel shame or guilt about eating something that isn’t necessarily the best for us when we’ve been working hard to eat clean and exercise daily.

If you’re eating healthy 80-90 percent of the week, if you eat one thing that is not healthy, it’s okay.  Really.  We have enough images blowing up our newsfeed, televisions and emails that says we need to be perfect.

Go ahead.  Have a treat.  I prefer this!  What’s yours?


Birthday Cake!


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