Choosing Love

Sunset - Motivation Rhonda

I choose LOVE.

The night before we left for New York, we sat in silence, grief and sadness as we watched the breaking news of the Dallas police officers that were killed.  My heart was hurting for the families that lost loved ones, for the violence, the uncertainty, the fear and for the direction of our future.

There was this part of me that didn’t want to even get on a plane the next morning.  I felt myself go into a fearful state.  So much uncertainty.  What might happen in New York or other cities?  Would it be safe?  Would I be putting my family in harm’s way?  Should we just stay home, in the comfort of our home, where it is ‘safe’?

The answer was a resounding NO.

I believe that nothing in life is certain. We have a choice to embrace love or live in fear.

I’m not oblivious to the recent news of mass killings.  I pray for the lives lost.  It saddens me to my core.  It’s unimaginable and horrific.

I also believe with all the terrible events that have taken place in the recent weeks, that there is a lot of goodness in our world too.  We just don’t often hear about it because we don’t focus on it.  It is easy to turn on the television or walk down the street and be bombarded with talk of fear.

I choose love over fear every day.  It is an absolute choice and one that is not always easy, but it opens our hearts to see people, things and moments through a different lens.

I thought a lot about this over the past week in New York.  What does choosing love even mean to me and does it even matter?

Choosing love means taking the time to gaze in awe of the sunset instead of rushing to get to my destination.

Choosing love means stopping to enjoy the bright flowers instead of trying to get around the crowd.

Flowers - Motivation RhondaChoosing love means passing someone on the street and realizing they have a story instead of judging them or gawking at them.

Choosing love means thanking the people at TSA for keeping us safe, for taking a little extra time to check our bags than to be annoyed by having to wait.

Choosing love means tipping our maid service for having an impeccably clean room every day instead of being frustrated they have not cleaned it by a certain time.

Choosing love means doing something out of the ordinary, like taking a dance class for the sole purpose of having fun without fear of looking silly or being judged.

Choosing love means going for 3-hour exploration walk rather than staying in my hotel room for fear of getting lost.

Choosing love means acting a like silly teenager again just to get a glimpse of my favorite actors rather than feeling I am far too old for that kind of thing.

I wonder if we stopped fearing and starting loving, living and choosing happiness how it could impact those around us and in our communities?

I understand that these are SMALL things in comparison to the BIG things, but isn’t it really the small things that truly do make the BIGGEST differences?  The small things are the things we can all do to make a BIG difference. Be kind. Have compassion and gratitude for others, for nature and for ourselves.

We can’t make a difference? I disagree.  Start with yourself.  Choose love.

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