Why I Love Coaching


The cool thing about what coaching has given me is the freedom to be me. I had to play so many roles before that were not me in order to earn a living and now I get to do what makes me happiest and the best part is that I’m helping others find their mojo now too. I’m playing Rhonda now. I’m creating unbelievable experiences for my family.

Having financial freedom has always been why I do this and I believe absolutely and undeniably when you do work that gives you purpose, you will be given back so much in return. And you can do so much good for others when you do what you love.  I would have NEVER EVER done a picture like this a few years ago. Too modest. Too worried about what others thought of me and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have ever been able to go on trips like this to make this happen.

You may be asking yourself if you could you do what I do. Of course. Yes!! Absolutely…and on your terms.

Do you play a role that is not you? Do you feel a burning desire to be more and know you have the potential to do so much more?? Let’s be honest…are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck and never getting to do something bold and significant? Let’s talk about it. I want to know what you want most in life. I want to help you make it happen. I promise you that if I can be successful at this, you can too.

Coaching FAQs