In order to get better, we must practice.  Practice forms habits and habits allow us to be consistent. You’ve made up your mind that you’re ready to get healthy!  You’ve got a plan and now you must follow through with that plan.  There is nothing about what you do that needs to be elaborate, unachievable or difficult to overcome.  In order for your plan to work, all you need to do is to show up.

If you want to run a half marathon, you must train for several weeks.  Day after day, you run.  You might follow a specific training schedule or simply just run on certain days.  You must align your goals with the work that you are willing to do.  Any unbalance and you may waiver.  Killing yourself with one run during week rather than having specific training days will not get you to your goal.  Consistency will.

If you want to be a better writer, you write daily.  If you want to have a better marriage, you express your love often.  If you want your children to form good habits, you show them even better habits….consistently. 

When you write out a plan, your odds for success increase dramatically.  You visually see what needs to be done and you can have the satisfaction of physically checking off what you have accomplished each day.  You’ll develop a pattern.  A consistent pattern. 

Day after day, week after you week, you show up.  You do the work, you drop the old bad habits and develop new, healthier habits.  You begin to see a change.  Your results are motivating and you’ve changed who you are.

Consistency.  Be consistent.  Results are inevitable when you show up.

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