Empowerment Starts with You

empowermentAre you empowering your children?

If I asked you what you’d be willing to sacrifice for your kids, I bet most of you would say a lot. But what if I asked you what you are doing right now to do what you want? Are you fulfilled? I bet your kids dream big, but are you?

The other day my son came up to me and said “Mom, thank you so much for giving me so many opportunities, for teaching me how to build a business and for making me the best dinner.”

That pretty much melted my heart because that is the EXACT reason I decided to build my own health and fitness business. I help change lives so I can help change his life.

1. I wanted freedom to work from home so that I could not only be flexible with my time, but also because I could give home more opportunities to excel in his gifts.

2. I wanted to empower him to be courageous and confident. To know what he wants regardless of what others tell him he can’t do.

3. I wanted to be work from home and make my own hours so that I didn’t have to miss a single performance or ever miss picking him up from school.

4. I didn’t want dinner to be rushed. I wanted to be able to be home so our family could spend dinner together rather than be rushed coming home from work.

I wanted all of this and that’s exactly what I’ve created.

I used to sit in a tiny desk from 8-5 surrounded by negativity. I wished the day away because I knew that is not where I belonged. The corporate world was not for me. Now I created my own office in my home! No shoes required!!

Coaching empowered me to follow through on my dreams. It gave this sweet boy a chance to pursue his dreams. It gave him back a mommy who loved the work she did and a mommy who challenged him to dream big.

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