Enjoy the Journey

the journeyEnjoy the journey.  Trust the process. Keep calm and carry on.

We see it.  We get it.  We read it.  We write it.  But do we LIVE it?

If we are progressing.  We are growing.  We are being challenged.  We are feeling discomfort.

We want progress quickly and efficiently with relatively no pitfalls along the way.

We would prefer the road to ‘success’ to be a straight A to B line.


But let’s not be silly.  Growth is uncomfortable.  Growth requires doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do.  Growth requires us to become a better version of ourselves.

The road from A to B can be dirty.  There is no cleaned, paved road.  It’s filled with rocks, cracks, twists, turns and unexpected detours.

Often we evolve into someone that we never expected.  Things change.  Relationships change.  Our circle changes.  And.that.is.okay.

Personal growth is uncomfortable.  Sometimes we have to give up things, our comforts, our habits and replace them with new things and habits that support our journey.

But it’s a journey.  One epic journey.  There is no finish line.  There is no end.  We just keep progressing.  Moving.  Evolving.

Enjoy the journey.  Celebrate the little things along the way.

Trust the process.  Change is good.

Are you uncomfortable?  Congratulations.  You’re evolving.

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