Find Your Joy!

I can remember a time in my life when I used to stare at the clock.  I would start the countdown in the morning until my first break, then until lunch.  Lunch would whiz by quickly and then the afternoon minutes slowly crept along until the magical moment…”See you tomorrow!”

I still have a hard time believing I did that for SOOOOO many years.  Going through the motions.  Being a people pleaser, yet not pleasing my own family, or most importantly…myself.  I was a dedicated clock watcher throughout the day.  Work was divided up between snacks, lunch, potty breaks and chats with office co-workers.

It’s not that I hated what I did, because I didn’t.  I got to be creative most days.  The problem was that I was not being creative with what gave me joy.  I wasn’t being creative with what gave me purpose and I definitely wasn’t connecting with people that needed my help.

So I quit.  Well, not exactly quite that dramatically, but over the course of two years, I developed a plan to phase out of my ‘career’ into a much more fulfilling, enlightening  lifestyle that gave me joy and purpose.

Coaching people, getting into the hearts of others, changing people’s lives.  THAT is what brings me joy.  Inspiring, influencing, learning, engaging, referring, sharing, laughing, crying, encouraging.  JOY!

What’s your joy?  Do you get to fulfill that piece of your heart every single day?  Or is it tucked away so far behind excuses, obligations, lifestyle, upkeep, image that you don’t know how to find it?

You find it by listening.  By trusting.  By honoring yourself.

You deserve to live a life full of joy.  Don’t let it get so tucked away that you forget about your own life’s significance.

Start.  Today.  Find your joy.

Motivation Rhonda

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