Fitness and exercise to me are like breathing.  There are essential to my life.  Fitness is about evolving, changing, growing and aging as gracefully as possible.

I was the chubby little girl who struggled with weight and shame and not feeling pretty.  So when high school came around, I made drastic…and unhealthy changes to try to find that perfection and skinny body I had always desired.

In my mid-20s, I found a healthier balance when I discovered running and fitness.  It’s always
been very easy for me to gain weight so finding my place with fitness was my outlet and became my love.

My early 30s were about running.  I ran several marathons.  Running was the perfect way for me to balance life, my weight, my emotions.  I started with a 5k and over the next five years I ran several marathons across the country.  It was my healthy hobby.

The last five years have been about cross-training and finding the right combination of fitness that heals, strengthens and helps me stay in the best possible shape as a busy mom, coach and wife.  Fitness now is about community and accountability.  I have more balance now but I work just as hard.  Today, I feel best when I focus on an intense 30-minute interval workout rather than a 3-hour run.

Fitness is essential to my life.  If we want to feel healthy, look our best and be happy, I believe it’s our responsibility to treat our bodies with love, respect and exercise.  It is vital to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.