Focus on Gratitude

When you have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, it’s just best to sit back, relax and spend some time to focus on gratitude.  Gratitude and frustration cannot co-exist and you’ll find that the things that seem so significant in the moment, really are quite insignificant.

I’ve had the type of day that would normally have my head stirring with stress caused by a series of controllable and uncontrollable events.  It serves me no purpose to focus on things I cannot control, so rather than release more cortisol into my blood stream and reap all the wonderful side effects of stress (sarcasm intended), I’m going to focus on how I can turn the events of today into a positive experience.

Choosing Gratitude

  • Rather than being annoyed I had to attend a mid-morning meeting, disrupting my normal schedule, I’m going to be grateful for being able to test run the super cool new Adidas Boost shoe.
  • Rather than being irritated with myself for forgetting my garage door opener in the rental car I returned, I’m going to be grateful for the fact that it was found and I met a really cool person at the rental place who has an interest in fitness like me.
  • Rather than being frustrated that I forgot my grocery list at home, I’m going to be grateful that I have a wicked awesome memory and I only forgot one item!
  • Rather than being disappointed for not being able to get my run in this morning because it was pouring rain and cold, I’m going to be grateful that I was able to get in a kick butt Combat workout instead.
  • Rather than being upset that my engine light went on in my car, I’m going to be grateful it’s an easy fix and the part is covered under my warranty.
  • Rather than being scattered about trying to make last minute changes to my schedule, I’m going to be grateful my mother wants to make a surprise last minute visit to see my son for his birthday next week.

It’s all about perspective.  Change your thoughts.  Change your attitude.  Change your life.



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