Gratitude Matters

Gratitude Matters

It’s being too tired to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, but then treasuring the quiet time to write.

It’s feeling that you don’t have the energy to do a hard workout, but then realizing you’re so much stronger than you think…and you crush it.

It’s feeling like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, but then finding that perfect hidden dress that brings back the sweetest memory you needed.

It’s being stuck in traffic, but then seeing the most beautiful sunrise that takes your breath away.

It’s feeling discomfort in silence, but then hearing the perfect song on the radio.

It’s feeling tired, but then having your friend pour you an extra cup of coffee.

It’s not saying a word, but then getting a giant hug because someone knew you needed it.

It’s missing your dad, but then seeing his favorite number ALL day long.

It’s doubting your abilities, but then reading a chapter of the book you wrote.

It’s having a long day, but then getting to laugh with moms who listen and love you for everything you are.

It’s going to bed earlier than you wanted, but then being kissed goodnight from your husband.

It’s falling asleep while praying, but then realizing through your dream that surrendering it all is all you’re supposed to do.

It’s knowing not everyday is good, but then remembering there is absolutely something good in everyday.

Gratitude changes things.

Shift your mind.  Change your life.

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