How Did I Get Here?

how did i get hereHow did I get here?

Life is like one big road trip, with twists and turns, detours, breaks, life in the fast lane, slow lane, traffic jams, lonely rides, arriving at destinations and then the next.

Often, we can either get way too focused on the destination or we completely forget that we are in the driver’s seat, getting extremely off course or arriving at a place one day and coming to the realization that we have NO IDEA how we even got there.

As a 40-something mom, I see this every day.  Women my age being either so focused on giving directions to others in our life that we forget about following directions in our own lives or not feeling we are worthy enough for follow our own map.  We think for some crazy reason that taking the driver’s seat to our life is in some sort of twisted, odd way, a selfish act.

How did I get here?

One day we wake up.  We walk to the bathroom and take a up close look at ourselves in the mirror.  We scan ourselves up and down.  We start with the part in our hair and pick out each gray strand poking through, then scan towards our forehead to see the age lines from all the worry we’ve experienced in our adult years.

We see every line in our face.  We miss that youthful, smooth and vibrant skin.  We wish we would have taken care of it then…before we had others to take care of.

Then we look at our bodies.  We wish things were tighter, higher, less saggy, less hairy.  We pick away at ourselves.  If we are really love to hurt ourselves, we step on a scale.

How did I get here?

But there’s no time to keep staring at the mirror.  There’s no time because there’s too much to do besides focusing on ourselves and our bodies that we don’t like anyway.  We have kids to feed, places to drive them to, careers to rush to or careers we regret we even have.

There’s no time to worry about ourselves.  Life is too busy for that.

Or is it?

Is life too busy that we cannot take time for ourselves or do we feel unworthy to give ourselves that time? Isn’t that selfish?

Do we feel we lost ourselves because we never really took the time to love ourselves, thinking everyone MUST come before us?

How did I get here?

How can I get back on the right path?  Is there even still a route?  Where is the destination?

The destination is your finding your best self.

The journey is self love.  The most selfless act you can commit to yourselves and those you love.

It all stars with loving yourself enough to know you’re worth the cost of the trip.

So fill up your gas tank, pack some healthy snacks, and let’s go for a ride.


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