I am a runner

I  AM A RUNNER. I am not a jogger.  I always wanted to run.  I wanted to like to run.  I wanted to be the girl that would say on a whim “I’m going out for a run.”  It sounded so sexy.  But I wasn’t a runner. And nobody wants to be called a walker. I could crush the heck out of a step aerobics class and own a spin class as soon I entered the room.

But I had that nagging, inferior… lust to be that girl that galloped on the treadmill and bedazzled those around her. Instead, my first attempts at the treadmill were less than glamorous.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could possibly enjoy this, much less run on that thing hands-free and NOT fall flat on one’s face.  I wanted to run.  But dare I say it? Running was NOT fun.

My friend ran.  Why couldn’t I be like her?  Why couldn’t I be the one who trained for a marathon?  Why did I have to be the girl that walked the 5K with a sweatshirt wrapped around her waist? I was determined to like running as much as it sucked.  I set a goal.  I started slowly.  Running then walking, then running more and walking less.  Gradually running lots and walking a little and eventually running a full 35 minutes.  Really?  Did I just do that?  I thought I hated this?

Spin Class to 5K

My first 5K.  The finish line after 27 minutes changed my life.  I was a runner! More 5Ks, a 5-mile race and then an 8-mile race.  Little by little, mile by mile, finish line by finish line, I was becoming “that” girl I dreamed to be. Next Goal – Half Marathon.  Amazing what a couple stretch marks from childbirth will do for motivation!  With a 9-month old baby at home, I became the mommy runner.  It was as if I discovered the Holy Grail, unlocked the secret code and wrote the definition to happiness.  Just imagine if you will.

Running Gives me Purpose

Running gave me back my body, it gave me the ‘me time’ I so desperately craved, and it provided my kids with a positive and healthy role model that just so happened to be called ‘Mom’. Marathon.  Half Marathon. Half Marathon. Marathon.  Good runs, bad runs.  Runs in the rain.  Runs in the freezing rain. Runs in the freezing cold and runs in the sweltering heat.  Sweating, chafing, blistering, pooping, sprinting, walking.  It started as a desire.  It became a hobby.  It transpired to a need.  It’s now my passion.

Running is what makes me ‘me’.  It has allowed me to conquer goals I never thought imaginable and it has given my life purpose.  I’ve solved many problems through the many miles I’ve logged and I’ve been enlightened spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I learn something about myself and the world around me each day my feet hit the asphalt.  What about that glamorous treadmill girl?  I let her go long ago.  She is not who I am or who I want to be. Running to me is nature.  Running is peace.  Running is a gift. We don’t all have to be runners.  But we all have a deep desire to be something more than we are.  Believe you can be that person. I am a runner.  Who are you?

I am a runner Motivation Rhonda


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