Insanity, Asylum or T25?

MR and Shaun T

The Three faces of Shaun T.  How do you choose who you want to join each morning for the next couple of months?  As a graduate of each of the programs, I recommend doing each program at least once.  They are all effective in getting you the results you desire whether you are limited in time to workout or are an athlete in training.

Insanity – Dig Deeper

Insanity is a high-intensity, interval-based 60-day total body program.  Broken into two separate phases, including a recovery phase, this program will challenge you as you get stronger each day.  The workouts are fast and powerful sets of drills designed to push you to your anaerobic threshold followed by a short recovery after each set.  The weekly schedule includes alternating workouts of explosive cardio drills, power and resistance moves, plyometrics and core work.

Things to consider:

You can take this workout at your pace.  Take breaks when you need.  Shaun T encourages that to build your stamina. Month one workouts are 35-40 minutes including warm up and cool down. Month two workouts are 50-60 minutes.  Every two weeks, you will do a Fit Test,  a series of eight 1-minute drills to chart your progress.

Equipment needed:

None, other than a towel to wipe the sweat!  Equipment for Insanity requires using your own body strength.  So be prepared for a lot of push-ups, lunges, plyometrics and core work.

Shaun T Factor:

Encouraging and Motivating.  He’ll let you take breaks when you need, but he’ll push you to your limit.

"You wanna leave? Go sit down!"

“You wanna leave? Go sit down!”

Asylum – In It To Win It

Asylum is a sports performance workout.  Just 30 days, the program is designed to help you increase your speed, agility, strength and power.  In other words, you’ll be training like an athlete.  Drills are more precise, technique and coordination are tested.

Things to Consider:

The weekly schedule incorporates speed and agility drills along with core and strength days.  You’ll get a little more rest and relief each week and you’ll need it.  By Day 11, you’ll begin to test your athletic skills at your GAME DAY performance.  You Fit Test will be your measure of progress.  Each workout is 45 minutes to 55 minutes.  Forget the long stretch and mini breaks you were used to in with Insanity.  You will get just enough time to take a sip of water.

Equipment needed:

Included in The Asylum package is your agility ladder and jump rope.  You’ll be using these in all videos.  More strength training will require a set of dumbbells, or a set of resistance bands.  A pull-up bar is also optional and I highly recommend.

Shaun T Factor:

Forget Mr. Nice Guy on this one.  He is relentless and a bit mean…because he needs to be.  Don’t expect to take breaks without a little guilt-trip.

Shaun T

T25 – Get it Done!

T25 is an effective total body workout broken into concise 25-minute workout.  The workouts are jam-packed with dynamic, high-intensity moves designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Every minute counts! No breaks in this one!

 Things to Consider

The name says it all!  If you’re short on time and have limited time to get your workout in each day, T25 is designed for you.  The workouts are just 25 minutes with a double workout on the 5th day, followed by a day for stretching and a day for complete rest.  The T25 base package is  a 10-week program split into 2 cycles—ALPHA and BETA, each consisting of 5 weeks with an additional 3rd phase – GAMMA as part of the deluxe package.  Each workout includes a modifier to show you an alternate move!  So whether you’re a beginner or an Insanity / Asylum grad, you’ll be able to follow along and keep up.

Equipment needed:

You’ll need a light set up of weights once you begin the Beta phase for a total body strength workout.  The base kit includes a resistance band as an alternative.

Shaun T Factor:

Mr. Nice Guy is back!  He’s encouraging and fun as the intensity goes down a bit, the music gets better.  Be prepared to show some of your dance moves in this one.  Expect some high fives!

Motivation Rhonda - Shaun T

Similarities and Differences

I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of these programs.  They are distinctly different workouts, but all three are designed to give you results.  The intensity in Insanity and Asylum is higher because the workouts are longer and you get tiny breaks to recover.  The biggest distinction with T25 is time.  With just 25 minutes, there is no stopping once you press play,  but you will always have the option to modify each move to lessen the impact and intensity.

Each program comes with an excellent easy to follow nutrition guide complete with recipes for each meal of the day.  It is my belief that when you follow both the workouts and the nutrition guide, you simply cannot fail with any of these programs!

For more comparison, check out my comparison of Insanity and Asylum here.

The best way to get started is with a Challenge Pack!  Let’s get started NOW!


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