Insanity – The Asylum Review

“The work does not start until you’re tired!”  This mantra helped me get through 30 days of Insanity: The Asylum.  This workout will require sheer determination and a will to succeed.  I did it.  I can now call myself an athlete.

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before I started my 30-day Asylum training, I had this notion of getting super fit and I wanted to ‘Get Shredded.”  I set a lofty weight loss goal and knew that if I followed the 30 days, I would achieve it.

I expected it to be a lot like Insanity, but on a more intense level, but I learned quickly that it really is much different.

What is the difference between Insanity and Asylum?

Shaun T does not play in The Asylum

  • The Asylum workouts are a bit longer than Insanity Month One.  They are generally around 45 minutes to an hour depending on the day.
  • There is extra equipment involved this time.  Free weights and a pull up bar for the STRENGTH workout, and an agility ladder, jump rope and optional bands for the SPEED & AGILITY, VERTICAL PLYO and GAME DAY WORKOUTS.
  • Rather than a 15-minutes ab workout like you’ve done with Insanity, you’ll be doing a full 45-minute BACK TO CORE killer workout.  You won’t just focus on your abs, you’ll be doing a complete core workout, complete with a core back strength.  This is one of the absolute best core workouts I’ve done.
  • Less breaks.  This is not interval-based training like Insanity.  It’s athletic performance training so all moves, routines, etc., are geared and designed to develop your inner athlete.
  • Shaun T is not as kind.  You will have less breaks, far less sympathy from Shaun T when you want to stop and no time to feel sorry for yourself.  Save that for later.
  • RELIEF – this time the recovery video is actually recovery!  Just 25 minutes of pure stretching and relaxation.  You’ll need it!

Difficulties and Breakthroughs

The biggest adjustment for me was getting used to the jump rope and agility ladder.  In Insanity, you can somewhat fake a move (i.e. ski hops, in and outs).  But with The Asylum, there is no margin for error.  You’ll be using the agility ladder to land in the box with precision.  I was incredibly humbled on day one of the Athletic Performance Assessment.  I could barely make it down the agility ladder in my Heisman-esque move without tripping. I was frustrated by how often I had to stop while jumping rope either because I was extremely tired or I simply kept messing up.  Be prepared for a learning curve.

Game Day

By day 11, you will have built enough stamina and training to be ready for GAME DAY.  This no excuses workout was by far the most fun and most challenging.  Whether you’re 18, 37 or 52 years old, there is nothing like feeling you can compete at a high level of athletic ability.  You’ll be simulating short workout segments of just about every sport you’ve ever dreamed to play: baseball, soccer, wrestling, tennis, surfing, swimming, football, rock climbing and yes, even a little track star sprinting!  I was covered in sweat from head to toe when I finished but felt like an absolute beast.

Just when you think you’ve won the game, be prepared for OVERTIME on days 19 and 25.  You’ll be running on pure adrenaline and will have a great appreciation for the athletes you watch compete at a high level.

As each day passed, I got better and better and by day 30, I felt a little bit like Rocky Balboa training for a fight with Apollo Creed.  If you are consistent with it, you will get better.  You will be your own champion!

Get Shredded Nutrition Guide

Shakeology – The Healthiest Meal of the Day

You’ll be avoiding dairy and alcohol, sticking to lean cuts of meat, eating smaller portions, and hydrating often.  I still continued to have my Shakeology, but enjoyed it post dinner as my last meal of the day A perfect way to end my day and supplement my diet.

What I learned

I decided to document the entire 30-day process through photos and videos.  Just me.  Looking very raw.

Jumping High with Vertical Plyo

It’s been an enlightening discovery.  Two years ago I wouldn’t have dared put myself on camera and exposed my body, my face, my flaws to the world.  But today, I don’t care.

For the first time…ever I can look at myself and NOT cringe.  Any imperfections are a part of who I am.  The creases on my forehead – the worry, the anxiety, the stress I often succumb to.  The extra little pooch on my stomach – the womb I carried my beloved child.  The loose skin below my butt – the child girl that will always be a part of me.

Beyond Physical Changes

I’m Committed!

For me, the 30 days of The Asylum was so beyond the number on the scale, but more about the process of being more than I think I can be and doing more than I think my body can handle.  It’s not about how many pull ups I can do…or can’t do, it’s about challenging myself to be better when I think I can’t do any more.  I didn’t just physically changing my body, I discovered the core of who I am, what I want for myself, what matters to me and most importantly what really doesn’t matter at all.

Yes, I’ve exposed my weaknesses.  I can’t do everything.  I’m not particularly coordinated. I’m human.  But every day, I do my best.  I put forth effort.  I work harder than I ever have and never succumbed to excuses.  I’m not perfect and it’s okay.  But I AM AN ATHLETE.


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