Just Go!

For the past year, I have been trying to figure it out.  I’ve talked to friends, siblings, my husband, my son.  My answer is always the same.

“I’ll figure it out.”

There have been days my mind is running at full speed.  What if? How come? Why not? Maybe…if I just.  I could do this.  Or maybe I should quit doing this.  I should. I could. I would.

Until my brain is completely overwhelmed that I simply do nothing.

Have you been there?  Analysis paralysis? Where to start? What to do? It can be a debilitating feeling.

I finally decided to take a deep assessment into my habits.  The habits that enabled me to achieve some pretty amazing dreams in my past.  The boring habits.  The ones that were not always fun, but necessary for growth…and thus, change.

I had to ask myself how much time I was actually reading my books and devotions each morning versus scrolling my feed?

I had to ask myself how long had it been since I revisiting my personal why statement.  When was the last time I revisited my personal goals?

I had to ask myself how often I was writing my daily gratitude or complaining about my day?

I had to ask myself if in the all the chaos going on inside my thoughts trying to figure it all out, was I actually doing something to move forward.

The answer was painful.  Really painful.  The very things, habits and consistent daily actions that laid the foundation for dreams of mine to become a reality had become non-existent.

Sometimes instead of trying to figure it all out, you just have to GO.

The answers will NEVER come from inaction.  Mobilize.  Move.  Forget about the answers. Remember the habits.

So I restarted this blog.  Did you know I started my first blog eight years ago out of frustration?  The ONLY thing I knew how to do was consistently write about it.

Here are my goals:

  • Start every single morning reading and praying.
  • Rewrite my personal WHY statement.
  • Begin a new workout program and go ALL in for 60 days. Nutrition. Exercise. ALL IN. (I’m taking suggestions for a program)
  • Set a daily intention to choose gratitude.
  • Listen to music during the day that uplifts my soul.
  • Write a blog post at least five days a week without worrying about making it perfect.  Write from my heart.
  • Update my vision board.
  • Stop trying to figure it out.

It’s time to GO!  It’s time to MOVE.

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  1. Jenann
    November 2, 2018 at 3:26 am (4 years ago)


    My friend is doing a great program of carb cycling/ intermittent fasting/ exercise. Sustainable/ customizable/ long term changes. The current 30 day program starting this weekend is somewhat different -without the carb cycling. Designed as a 30 day kick start. Focus is on macros-movement -motivation. If the link doesn’t work, I’ll send you another. Such a strong supportive group of women. Been with them since May. Slow steady changes.


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