Learning a New Skill in Your 40s

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How often do you learn a new skill? I vowed to myself that I would learn to play this guitar that was given to me a gift last summer.

Music has always been really special to me. I grew up playing piano and singing and I still love to sit down and play, but I always had a deep desire to learn to play guitar.

So at age 41, I took my first lesson and I experienced a joy I haven’t felt in a long time. The kind where I can just absorb myself into an art and turn off all the other noise of my busy life.

We don’t ever really hesitate to get our kids started in new hobbies and skills but we never take the time to develop new skills as adults.

What stops us?  Fear of being bad at something?  Fear of failing?  Fear of not learning as quickly as we should?

We have so many irrational fears.  Unlike children who don’t care about failing.  They willingly and gladly accept it.  They don’t worry about how they look or what may happen.  They just do it.

Action trumps fear.  Make a commitment today to start something you have always wanted to do.  You may fail.  You may fail a lot.  But then you may discover a joy you could have never imagined.

What do you want to learn to do? Will you take initiative and make the first step towards learning it?


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