Motivation When You’re Not Motivated

2015-12-16 09.33.20How do you stay motivated?

I have no motivation to start.  I’m tired when I get home.  I can’t stick with it for more than a week.  I hate vegetables.  I don’t have time to cook healthy meals.  Being healthy is expensive.  It’s easier to be unhealthy.

These statements are probably some of the most common things I hear from people when it comes to motivation or lack thereof to start an exercise and nutrition program.

Motivation really isn’t one of the chicken or the egg type of things, contrary to what you may think.  Results or motivation?  Which comes first?

The answer is unequivocally neither.

If you wait to get motivated to start exercising, you’re probably never going to start until you have no choice to start and then you may still not be motivated.  I don’t want you to HAVE TO start because of a health condition or because you have been prescribed from your doctor.

You don’t have to have energy.  You don’t need to know all the answers or know how to eat the perfect diet.  You don’t have to have the perfect workout clothes or the perfect space.

You just have to make a decision.  If you’re having a hard time starting it’s not because of lack of motivation.  It’s because you haven’t made a firm decision to make a change.  As soon as something comes along, all those reasons I mentioned above will be the perfect excuse to not start once again.

Decide why you want to change.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you make a firm decision.

  1. How would I feel if I committed for 30 days to an exercise and nutrition program?
  2. How would I feel if fit into my jeans again?
  3. How would I feel if I felt confident again?
  4. How would I feel if I inspired my children?
  5. How would I feel if looked in the mirror and loved who I saw?
  6. Am I worth it?
  7. Do I deserve to feel good?
  8. Do I deserve to be healthy?
  9. Am I willing to give up something in order to feel better?
  10. What habits am I willing to change in order to make a change?

Motivation happens when you decide.  You stay motivated by showing up every day because of your decision.  You are motivated because of the results you start to have!

Decide.  It’s your first step.

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