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The thing I love about coaching more than anything is that it is a continual learning process.  Whether you’re a strong leader or someone just getting started on a health and fitness journey, there are always valuable lessons to learn from anyone.

I make many awesome connections with people through the power of social media.  When used correctly, this can be such an amazing tool.  About a year ago, I posted a 30-day transformation video of my Asylum Journey and posted it to my YouTube page.  I had several people contact me about it, but one person in particular stands out.  He was so inspired and enthusiastic.  He had so many questions.  He wanted to be healthy and he needed my support.

Over the past year, we have had on and off dialogue, mostly sharing questions and answers, successes and tips for one another.  I have loved to watch him evolve.

Recently, he’s taken up a love for running and he asked me for my opinion on an article he had read about being skinny fat or ultra lean.  It was as if lightning struck and thunder crashed simultaneously.  It was a huge aha moment for me and I realized I needed to make some changes.

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For the past several months, I have been in a bit of a running funk.  I feel like I’m getting slower and I’ve gained some weight and it is just not working like it used to.  Add the recovery of an injury and I would definitely call this a long running slump.

But after reading this short article, two key words came to mind: Attitude and Discomfort.

ATTITUDE:  Lately, upon waking up, I immediately step on the scale.  Feeling disappointed by the number, I strap on my running shoes and hit the streets full of doubt and frustration.  My counter-productive attitude translates to frustration for feeling slow and sluggish.  What can I possibly gain by starting my day with a negative tone.

Aha moment:  Instead of stepping on the scale, I begin each day with a daily affirmation.  Sound silly?  Hardly.  I need to feel good about me.  I need to know that I’m capable of running well.  I need to believe I can do anything I set my mind to achieve.

DISCOMFORT:  I finally realized that my running slump would never get any better if I did not want to get better.  I settled for easy runs and kept adding miles, but never pushing myself to discomfort.  I was logging lots of ‘junk miles’ and hoping that I would magically get faster and lose the extra pounds that had crept back on.

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Aha Moment:  I have told people for years that in order to get faster, you must run faster.  DUH!  So I went back to the ‘less is more’ mentality and began doing hill repeats, hill sprints, track workouts.  I ran to push myself beyond my oxygen threshold.  I finished my workouts and I felt alive again.  No more junk in my running.  Quality over quantity.

Are you putting in junk miles?  Just going through the motions?  Or even worse, are you working out a lot and then totally blowing it by eating a horrible diet?  Think about it?  What will be your aha moment that will lead to change?

If it weren’t for coaching and my connections with so many people, I may have never had my Aha moment.  Yet, another reason I am forever grateful for the life and perspective coaching has given me..

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  1. Greg Barth
    September 6, 2012 at 2:16 am (10 years ago)

    What a great lesson. Sometimes it takes those moments to really see things in a different light. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.


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