My Sweet Spot

Do you have DNA?  Silly question?  I know we all are unique in our own ways, but do you have Determined Natural Ambition?  Are you a doer?  Do you make things happen, rather than watch life happening?

I am realizing that I am not normal.  I am not like everyone else.  I want more than just satisfaction.  I am driven by what Craig would describe as my own “Emotional Matador”.   In my own words, I would define this as a powerful force inside of me.  A force so strong that in order to achieve all the things I want out of life, I am willing to take the extra step, go the extra TWO miles and yes, step WAY outside of my comfort zone.

One of the most interesting and important tasks for me was learning more about my inherent personality type and how these traits help and hinder my human performance on a daily basis.  I’m a combination of Popular Sanguine, which describes why I love to be the life of the party, why I love to chat with people and also explains why being organized is not my biggest asset.  Combine the sanguine in me with a little bit of a Powerful Choleric and it makes sense why I love to be a leader, yet struggle with the stubbornness of being right!

In order for me to be better for others, it must absolutely start with me!  Knowing what my strengths are, I can continue to use them to my advantage while facing my weaknesses.  I can be organized by learning how to create discipline for myself.  I can be a better listener by shutting my mouth and instead of giving out my opinion and giving a compassionate focus on what others have to say.

If someone were to ask you what Sweet Spot is, how would you answer?  What does that mean?  To me, it’s helping others realize they are worthy.  I understand not everyone has the DNA as I do, but everyone wants validation.  Everyone deserves to be happy and I truly believe that good health leads to happiness.  I know I’ve hit my sweet spot, when I go to bed much later at night than I should because I’m excited about helping someone achieve his or her goals and I wake up before my alarm goes off, because I’m excited to do it all over again.

Lately, it truly feels like the world is conspiring in my favor.  Things are moving in the direction I want them to move because I am genuinely hitting my sweet spot daily.  The more I give, the more significant I feel.  The more I help others, the more I get excited.  The more I lead others down the right path, the more I gain confidence.  Leadership is NOT a title I seek, it’s an action that my DNA has driven me to do.

This week has been such a powerful reflection of where I was, where I am and where I’m going.  My goals are crazy scary, but I don’t doubt them one bit.  I know them to be my truth.  My DNA is something I was graced with and what keeps the dream inside of me alive.

Don’t let your dreams fade.  Don’t forget them.  Everyone has a purpose and hitting your sweet spot will never feel so good when you discover right where it is!



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  1. Jo
    August 23, 2012 at 12:09 am (10 years ago)

    I really like the new website! Clean and powerful. Well done, Mama! 🙂


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