New Year’s Resolutions that work!

The year 2013 is upon us.  We should celebrate, be grateful, be joyful we have another year to make a resolution to be healthier and happier.  You’ve set your intentions, you’re raring to go and now that it is time for action, you become paralyzed in your head of self doubt.

This year you want real results.  You want to be that person that has that amazing transformation picture.  You want to start what you finish but how can you finish when you don’t even know where the start line is?  You’re longing for a New Year’s Resolution that will once and for all produce results.  You want your actions to back up your words.  You’re sick and tired of feeling fat, bloated, lazy, uninspired and negative.

How do you make a New Year’s Resolution that you can act upon and finally get the results you have always wanted?  How do you set a goal and achieve it?

Writing out your New Year's Resolutions


How to Create a New Year’s Resolution that Works!

  1. Write down your goal.  Jot down what you want.  Dream big.  There are no guidelines.  This is free writing and you have the capacity to put to paper anything you wish to bring into your life.  Don’t worry about HOW, just simply think about WHY you want it.
  2. Write as if you already have achieved it.  Write in the present tense and use language that makes you feel a physical reaction from achieving the goal.  (i.e. I am a hot and sexy 125 pounds!)
  3. Be specific and set a deadline.  A goal without a deadline is merely a dream and thus why most people fail with New Year’s Resolutions.   (i.e.  I am a hot and sexy 125 pounds on April 1, 2013).
  4. Make a plan to work toward achieving this goal.
    I start Les Mills Combat on January 7th – Fitness.
    I follow the nutrition guide by planning my meals in advance – Nutrition.
    I join an accountability group for support to help me become successful – Accountability.
  5. Take Action!
  6. Post your goal where you can see it and revisit it daily!

Small Steps Lead to Big Changes

Being successful with your New Year’s Resolution won’t happen overnight.  To produce true results that last, you must take small steps, day by day, to work toward the larger goal.

By joining my challenge group, you’ve already completed Steps 1-4.  If your goal is to lose weight, feel great and get healthy, the only step missing for you is to take action!  You know what you want and I have the plan and accountability for you to make it happen.  Decide today to change your life in 2013!

Take the first step now!  They all said “YES” to making a change.  Now it’s your turn!

Success Beachbody Transformations.

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