I love food.  I love to eat.  But for someone that has struggled with weight my entire life, I needed to find a healthy balance with my relationship with food.

For years I was a runner and gym rat to try to battle my love for food.  I was consistent.  I showed up.  I did my workouts.  But food often made me feel guilty.  I stayed in shape but I never really got great results until one day someone said, “You cannot out-exercise bad nutrition.”  That was such a huge wake up call for me.

Today I know that nutrition is essential in maintaining my weight, staying healthy and feeling my absolute best.  Eating clean, eating well, eating proportionally are the foundation of not only maintaining a healthy weight but it helps me feel my best.  It truly keeps me happy.  And when I feel good, I want to do good.

I believe in colorful foods, super foods and whole food sources.  Whether it’s a colorful beautiful salad at lunch or a quick chocolate Shakeology for breakfast, quality is most important to me if I want to stay healthy.  Healthy food is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your life.

I believe in moderation.  I love my dark chocolate and wine and chips and salsa.  Having a great relationship with our meals means that we should have the things we love on an occasional basis.  Life is about experiences and enjoying them with good food and a nice glass of wine.

Change what is on your plate and I promise you will change what is in your heart both literally and figuratively.