Rhonda Layton – Author

I hadn’t realized I was ready for motherhood until I was looking into the eyes of my future stepson, Keelan. Since then, every day has been an adventure and a true blessing in my life.

In  my memoir, I share my story, starting when I first met this special little boy. Each chapter of my book is prefaced with a “Hey, Mommy” quote from my younger son, Jackson. Jacksonisms, as I call them, can be hilarious or deeply profound. They are always exactly what I always need to hear.

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I use these pearls of wisdom as introductions for the different areas of my life, from meeting my future husband to planning out their lives together. Keelan and Jackson are right by her side, patiently showing me how to be the parent they need.

My memoir doesn’t focus on what I have taught my children; instead, it highlights what my children teach me about life, perseverance, hope, love, and happiness. I share how my family inspired me to stop a career I hated and follow my true passions. As Jackson says, “Hey, Mommy, you’re awesome. Every time you do something awesome, you should say, ‘I just mommed that!’”

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