Sexy Abs For Summer

Want Sexy Abs for Summer?

Do you want that coveted set of six-pack abs for the summer so you can rock your hot new body in your bikini or board shorts?  Spending time in the gym or working on building your core will be important, but spending even more time in the kitchen will be essential in building your ab-worthy body.

I’m not talking about late night binges or drinking wine socially with your friends.  In order to create the body you want, you’re going to have put some effort into what you put into your body.

So you’re a rock star in the gym, but your diet is failing you?  Here are some tips to help you eat clean to achieve a flatter, sexier tummy.

If You Must Have a Sweet

It’s not just the dessert menu that is filled with sugar. Toss the processed foods.  Skip the drive-thru lane.  Both have high hidden sugar content, not to mention high fat, and are void of nutrients your body needs and craves.  If you need a sugar fix, go for the fruit bowl, not the chocolate cake.


Avoid the Liquid Diet

Alcohol can quickly add up the calories, so maybe you can’t give it up all together, but you can consume less.  Stick to a glass of wine at dinner a couple days a week and avoid high calorie drinks like dark beers and sugary frozen drinks.

White wine

Be a Social Foodie

Invite your friends over for dinner parties, experiment with clean eating recipes.  Post your sexy food on Facebook and Instagram and impress your friends with your newly made Cilantro Turkey Burgers with Apple Coleslaw.  You’ll not only be the hit of your party, you’ll have everyone sharing their new creations as well.


Taste the Rainbow

Go shopping at a local farmer’s market or the produce section and see how much color you can add to your cart.  Make beautiful and appetizing salads with lots of color and texture and make veggies the focus of your meal.  Make eating healthy, fun and enjoyable.

colorful veggies and herbs

Hydration Nation.

Try to set specific times of the day to drink a glass of water.  Set a daily goal each day.  Thirst is often misinterpreted for hunger, so drink up and often.


I Love Feeling Bloated – (Said No One…Ever)

Higher sodium intake is known to cause bloating and bloat never equates to abs, so try out new herbs by making your own delicious dressings and discover spices you love to replace the salt.  Processed, packaged food is extremely high in sodium.   Plan your meals in advance so you’re NOT tempted to warm up the TV dinner.homemade dressing with fresh herbs and olive oil

Limit the Saturated Fats

Cut back on bad cholesterol (LDL) by replacing the butter with olive oil, the whole milk with almond milk, the cheese with hummus, animal fat with plant based protein and healthy raw nuts.  Keep nuts on hand for snacking too.  They will keep you full and satisfied!!

Healthy raw nuts

Ask Your Friends to Pronounce Quinoa (Keen-Wah)

Replaced refined grains with whole grains. Having a nice core does NOT mean never eating carbs.  Experiment in cooking with whole grains like quinoa, barley or millet.  Find a favorite and make it your new staple!  My favorite is quinoa, not only because it tastes delicious, it is also a complete protein source!

quinoa salad

It all comes down to making a plan for yourself.  If you plan it, you will be successful.  Don’t plan it and you’ll be so much more likely to grab whatever is easiest, which is usually not the best choice.  Stay focused on your goal.  Not everyone will have a six-pack, but everyone can eat cleanly.

Consistency is key!  You must make eating clean a daily habit.  Two months of a completely clean diet makes a big difference in your body shape and composition.   You will be shocked at how awesome you’ll look and feel by summer!.

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