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30-Day Shakeology Challenge Results

susan taylorI was invited to join Rhonda’s 30-day Shakeology Challenge in December 2011. I was a little skeptical at first because I thought the cost was a little high. I also wondered how one shake could replace an entire meal.  I chose the chocolate flavor because chocolate is a daily part of my life. I was pleasantly surprised with the first taste. It was rich, creamy, and satisfied my chocolate craving. The shake also left me feeling very full. My usual second breakfast hunger pains diminished. My goal during the challenge was not to lose weight.  I was simply trying to avoid the typical holiday gain. I couldn’t believe that I ended up losing 2.5 pounds.

Once the challenge ended, I decided to keep ordering Shakeology. The cost is worth every penny. It averages to about $4.50 a day. That is less expensive than having breakfast or lunch out. The shakes also provide a crazy amount of nutrients. It’s a lot more than I was getting with my previous breakfast choices.

It’s been over a year since I started Shakeology. I have continued to maintain my weight and I love the energy it gives me. I look forward to my Shake every day. It’s quick and easy to make. There are so many ways to mix it, but my go to blend is Chocolate + almond milk  + 1/2 banana.

I am so glad I joined the Challenge group. Shakeology has been a great addition to my health and fitness.

~Susan T – Denver, CO

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