Take a Leap

I’ve always been a risk taker.  I don’t necessarily like to always be safe.  I like to take a leap when I know my heart and intentions are in the right place.

When I was 22, two weeks after I graduated from college, I packed up my clothes and moved 1000 miles away from home and landed in Texas with no job, no place to live and no car to drive.  I knew I could make it work and I did.  It was not always easy, but I was determined that Texas was where I belonged.  And I was right.  I met Cedric and 16 years later, I would have never done it differently.

But for 13 of those years, I have played it safe.  I didn’t take as many risks.  I fell into a routine of security.  I was happy, but something was missing.  I knew that my job was NOT where I ultimately supposed to be.  It’s one thing to pay the bills and another to work with purpose and passion.  I didn’t have that sense of drive or fulfillment in my work.

What I did know for sure, was that I had a passion for helping people.  I knew that I always loved fitness and nutrition and was always showing and guiding others the path to better health, but I never knew how to get make a career out of it.

Then in 2010, my life took this major shift.  I found something that I loved doing and I found a way to actually make it into a mini career.  I wasn’t concerned with making a bunch of money.  I just LOVED the way this made me feel.  I loved knowing I was making a difference.  I felt significance.

So the risk taker in me started to come alive again.  But I was still working in a job that did not inspire me at all.  I felt stuck during the day and motivated and driven each night to pursue my passion.

So with nothing but faith, I quit my full-time job with a nice salary and all the benefits of what one might call “a cush job” and went to work part time at a running retail store.  A humbling, yet incredibly rewarding risk.  I had to make some adjustments to working odd hours, not making a lot of money, no vacation time, etc…but I LOVED it and I loved the freedom I felt by creating the life I wanted.

That was two years ago.  I worked nearly every weekend for the past two years at the running store while I dedicated my heart and soul to coaching in the hours I stayed home.  Being able to pick my son up from school was worth every once of effort I’ve put into this.

So it’s time for another risk.  In fact, I’m no longer calling it a risk.  It’s a leap of faith.  I have much work to do.  I have many lives to impact.  I have a purpose far greater than I can really grasp right now.

So officially as of June 13th, I will be a full-time Beachbody coach.  I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur but most importantly I wanted to be a full-time mom!  I’ve designed my life to be both!

I’m so excited for what the future holds!!

Motivation Rhonda Full time Beachbody coach


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