The Cardinal

A lot of things have changed in my life over the past couple of years.  I’ve made changes to myself physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually.  I made it a point to grow in a positive direction in all these aspects of my life and although it has been a daily process, I feel like I’m making tremendous progress.

One area I feel that is open for huge growth is my spiritual side.  I believe that the universe is conspiring in my favor as I have opened my heart to guidance.  Through the power of visualization and meditation, I am seeing how this truly works when I put in the day to day effort of making positive changes in my life.

I believe we all have angels guiding us throughout our days and when we open our hearts to hear their whispers, we can experience true and authentic growth.  If you do not listen or open your eyes to hear and see the tiny whispers of wisdom you receive, you may never seek the right direction in your life.  Your days will turn into weeks and weeks will turn into years and you will never allow any changes to take place.  We all have a passion and a purpose and what a shame if you fail to seek it.

Recently, I started to really experience the wisdom of these angel whispers through numbers.  We can all seek answers to our prayers in whatever form you wish, but a sequence of numbers is something I can relate to and it gives me a sense of peace when they show up at the most unexpected moments.  On a day that I may be experiencing anxiety, I will notice the same sequence of numbers popping up randomly throughout the day.  For me, I choose to see this as a message from God and a very natural way for me to relieve the anxiety I may be feeling.

It is hard for me to believe that growth in my life without a strong sense of spirituality would be possible.  Things don’t ‘just’ happen.  Through power of intentions, things will find a way to align themselves in a positive way for you if those intentions are true and genuine.

Leaving my full-time job a year ago took a lots of guts, but it also took a strong belief and faith and trust that the right thing would work out.  That is not to say, I haven’t experienced anxiety over things that I did not have complete control.  I have on several occasions.  But the truth is, anxiety does nothing for us.  Only action and faith in our actions can relinquish the pain of it.

A couple weeks ago, that old nemesis of mine, ANXIETY, chose to show its powerful face again.  It was at that moment, I asked to NEVER have to worry about money in my life again and that we would live a rich and prosperous life in whatever way that meant for us.  I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason, instead of numbers,  I specifically asked for a cardinal to show up in my life to give me the answer I needed to relieve the anxiety.  I have read that praying through a form of an animal can be just as powerful as numbers.  After meditating on that thought, I let it go and put it out of my control.

A week or so later, I took my son to the library and as I was busy looking at the latest books, he was browsing for himself.  He came around the corner and said, “Mommy, do you mind if I get this book?”  And then this is what he showed me.


The answer to my prayer

I wanted to drop to my knees at that very moment, but I just allowed my eyes to well with tears.  He didn’t understand why that book made me experience those types of emotions so he asked, “What is wrong, Mommy?”  I simply replied, “nothing…absolutely nothing.”

It was the answer I needed to know.  I needed validation to know my heart is in the right spot.  My decision to leave that job so I could coach more and spend more time at home was right.  I have no reasoning behind choosing a cardinal.  I am not even a fan of birds so why I chose a cardinal is mind-boggling.  But I’m not questioning it, I’m choosing to believe it was my angels whispering to me, telling me everything is going to be just fine and that my life is intended for a great purpose.


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