Time Stands Still

Grandpa - Motivation RhondaTime Stands Still

Life can be busy, rushed, over-planned and often hectic.  We’re busy with one thing and then it’s quickly on to the next.  We don’t take much time to relax or be still.

When we ask how someone is, it seems as if the first response is almost always, “I’m busy, but good.”

We define our lives in terms of how much we are doing.  Failing to take the time to be more present and just being in the moment.

A few years ago as I was planning for my busy summer travel schedule, I was considering having my youngest son spend a couple weeks with my parents and was wrestling with the idea of being away from him for two full weeks.  Suddenly time stood still.  Two weeks seemed like an eternity.

After a long conversation with a dear friend, she reminded me that some of her best childhood memories were the times spent with her grandparents.  The memories of the time together could never be replaced.  That encouraged me.

Our conversation allowed me to realize how grateful I am to have parents that are loving grandparents.  The decision was easy for me to let go and let them create memories that he will cherish for a lifetime.

Life with Grandpa and Grandma is not busy.  It’s not rushed.  You go to bed when you’re tired and wake up when you’re rested.  You take time to enjoy the morning.  Breakfast and reading the comics with Grandpa are a delight of the day.  Time stands still.

There are not many rules other than to have fun.  Cookies and ice cream are readily available. Dinner is made from scratch and it’s whenever you’re hungry.  Time stands still.

If you want to go to the park, a museum or play a game, you don’t need to make plans.   You just do it.  There is no rushing to get anywhere.  Time stands still.

You can go for walks, visit the neighbors, have dessert with friends in the middle of the afternoon.  There is no schedule.  Time stands still.

Conversations are long. Laughter is essential.  Everything is made with love.  Time stands still with Grandpa and Grandma.





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