What Rhonda Knows

you are enoughI recently gave my office a complete makeover.  The color, the furniture, the lighting, the wall art, everything.  Everything about the energy of the space changed.

Quite honestly, I spend most of my time here.  It’s where I work. It’s where I workout.  Occasionally eat.  It’s where I lead calls.  It’s where I get my inspiration.  It’s where I pray.  It’s where I meditate.  It’s where I make videos.  It’s where I write.

I needed this space to give me energy.  I needed it to represent me.  I needed it talk to me when I needed inspiration, motivation and determination.

My walls are filled with power words and quotes so when the work gets hard or I start to have doubt, I have instant reminders to keep me on my path.

The truth is just because I constantly am helping and motivating others, I have my days just like anyone else.

I doubt myself.  I get scared.  I have fears.

But this is why this is on my wall.  A constant reminder that no matter who I am, what I do, what I achieve, what roles I play, that I am simply enough for just being me.

You don’t need a makeover.  You don’t need anything.  You just need to know that you are simply…enough.

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